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Clearly the most hard and painful part that most have trouble going through is the breakup. But the first and most prioritized responsibility are the children. There are steps when it comes to being a co-parent. It doesn't happen overnight, but it still can be done.

ParentDecember 2021

The most important thing I learned during this seminar was how divorce can affect children under age five. I have two boys and didn't think divorce could be as bad as it is for older children. This course gave me a different perspective.

ParentDecember 2021

The most interesting thing I learned was how important it is for you to be a healthy parent in all aspects because that projects on to your children.

ParentDecember 2021

I think all parents should have to take this course, regardless of their marriage status. It provided very important information that parents need to keep their kids the center of attention. The most shocking thing I learned was that it was illegal to withhold kids from the parent who was behind/not paying child support.

ParentSeptember 2021