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Family Solutions helps parents who are separating work together to raise their children so their kids don’t have to deal with the typical turmoils of divorce. Take the Parenting Partners Seminar, The Cope Class, today!

Court-Approved Co-Parenting Course Since 2003


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Children's brighter futures secured.

“I didn’t realize how much the divorce affected my children.”

Divorce can be painful, but it doesn’t have to get messy.
Trauma that’s undealt with (or not healed) can have massive implications for the future of your child.

The Parenting Partners Seminar For Separating Parents offers real life guidance to help you get your court-approved certificate of completion and your co-parent get on the learn at your own pace with bite-sized video content path to healing, move forward in life, and continue raising happy children.

Court approved with immediate certificate upon completion.

Bite-sized video content.

Research-based, practical strategies for co-parenting.

Included workbook to make note-taking easier

The Parenting Partners programs can help you keep your child’s future secure despite you and your partner’s differences.

Family Solutions

Our Commitments to You

Parenting Partners is not just a class – Other organizations have the mindset – take this mandatory class and get it over with. 

Our approach is different, we want to support you now and until the end of your parenting journey.

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Conflict Free Communication

Maintaining positive communication with your family can be difficult. Learn how to talk about difficult subjects with minimal conflict.

Better Parent-Child Relationships

A divorce can lower your child’s self esteem, motivation, and social skills. Learn how to be there for your child when they most need you.

Ongoing Support For Your Family

Unlike other courses, our program is not a one and done experience. We are willing to partner with you for as long as you need our help.

A Brighter, Happier Future

Feel more hope for your future. Divorce doesn’t mean your family is broken and can’t be fixed. There are still wonderful moments ahead of you.

What parents are saying about us

How children's all ages are affected including newborns and infants and how easy co-parenting can be by just fully communicating appropriately and having boundaries.

ParentFebruary 2022

Learning details on how much it can really affect my child and what types of things we can do to be there for our little one and the tips on communicating with each other in a professional way.

ParentApril 2022

Most important part is always, when making decisions or making statements, consider the children first, think of co-parenting as a business partner the kids are our business, and use tone/dialogue that is appropriate.

ParentApril 2022

I really like the practice of promoting a positive relationship between your child and the other parent. Letting the child know it's ok and encouraging them. I also liked hearing that you do not have to be "friends" with your parenting partner in order to be effective.

ParentApril 2022
How We Can Help

Whether you prefer a live, in-person, or a little bit of both, we’ve got you covered.

Separating Parents Seminar

Our signature service to support parents that are going through the divorce process. We provide both online and in-person options.

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Ongoing Support Program

We are here to support you even after separation with our ongoing support program, which includes a variety of group and 1-on-1 services to help you and your children thrive.

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Get private 1-on-1 help with your unique needs after your separation.

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What are the benefits of the Parenting Partners Program?

Less Parental Conflict

High Levels of Parental Cooperation

Peaceful Sharing of Parental Responsibilities

Ongoing Parental Support

Better Communication Between Parent and Children

Access to Alternative Dispute Resolution Options

Reduced Inter-Parental Conflict

Improved Parent and Child Adjustment

Improved Parental Respect

Taking one of our Parenting Partners programs is an act of love for yourself and your children.

Tips on How to Thrive After Separation

Co-Parenting After Separation

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Co-Parenting After Separation

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Family Solutions is a non-profit organization offering supportive education and counseling to families in need.…