Confidently Support Your Children Through Divorce

Founded by a board-certified family therapist, Family Solutions is here to help you and your family with the challenges of divorce and separation.

How to tell the children about the divorce.

Create Stability Among Uncertainty

Children are scared. You are worried about their future. You fear losing control of your children. Or worse, losing your children completely and being cut out of their lives forever.

Your children deserve the life you always imagined for them. A life undeterred by the stressors of adult problems. Family Solutions is here to provide ongoing support to help decrease the long-term negative impacts of separation. By joining our course, you will be provided with the tools you need for your co-parenting journey

How We Can Help

Ongoing Support For Your Family

Unlike other courses, our program is not a one and done experience. We are willing to partner with you for as long as you need our help.

Conflict Free Communication

Maintaining positive communication with your family can be difficult. Learn how to talk about difficult subjects with minimal conflict.

A Brighter, Happier Future

Feel more hope for your future. Divorce doesn’t mean your family is broken and can’t be fixed. There are still wonderful moments ahead of you.

Better Parent-Child Relationships

A divorce can lower your child’s self esteem, motivation, and social skills. Learn how to be there for your child when they most need you.

Introducing Our Founder

Welcome! I am Keisha Weiford, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Professional Relationship Coach. I founded Family Solutions in 2003 with the goal of providing more support to families going through divorce.

I understand the conflict and pain divorce can bring to a family, because I’ve dealt with it personally. As a child of divorce, I was asked at age 9 by a mediator to choose who I wanted to live with. I chose my mother because I had a pink room with a frilly bed and cat. It was the comfortable, easy option. Unfortunately it affected my relationship with my father forever, and things were never quite the same. 

As an adult, I wish things could’ve been different. I was not equipped to make that type of decision, and my choice changed the trajectory of my life. I subsequently was estranged from my father and my children didn’t get the opportunity to have a relationship with him. Being in the middle of my parents’ conflicts had a generational effect.

My goal is to make sure your family doesn’t have to go through the same negative impacts as mine. There is a way to establish a peaceful future, and Family Solutions is equipped to help.

Our Mission

Family Solutions’ mission is to empower youth, adults, families and communities in Southern Nevada, in order to develop, enhance, and maintain relationships through educational services, counseling, and cooperative community efforts.

Taking the Parenting Partners Program is an act of love for your children.

Are you ready to get started today?