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We provide both online and in-person options as well as support for Spanish speaking parents.

Separations are Hard for You and Your Children

Whether you’re married or not, the process of separating from your co-parent can be difficult for both the parents and their children. Not only are there a lot of emotions involved, but if not done right, both parents and children can deal with long-term negative impacts mentally, emotionally, and financially. 

Family Solutions has been working with parents close to 20 years, we have first-hand experience with the challenges of the separation process and have designed our seminars to educate parents so they’re not operating in a win/loss mentality, but how we make this a win-win for both parents and their children. 

How Our Seminars Work

Our seminars consist of 5 key components designed to provide both short and long-term support for parents and their children. Parents that attend our seminars and follow our process experience less conflict in their co-parenting relationship, happier children, an optimistic outlook on their future, and much more. 


Court Approved

Our seminars have been approved by the family court system since 2003, so rest assured that you’ll be able to meet the minimum requirements to finalize your separation.

100% Guaranteed.


Flexible Attendance Options

Look, parents are busy, and we know it. That’s why we offer both online and in-person seminars to meet your needs.

Access Course 24/7 for 30 days.


Proven Curriculum

Our curriculum is backed by 20+ years of experience and is informed by evidence on what actually helps parents and children navigate the separation process.

3 to 5 hours to complete.


Ongoing Support

Whether it’s with the other parents attending or our separations specialists, we’re here to support you long after the seminar to ensure both you and your children experience the best outcomes.

Get Private Coaching.


Community Resources

All of our seminar members will have lifetime access to our community group where they’ll be able to learn from and help others go through the same process.

Private Facebook Community.

What Parents Are Saying About Our Program 

Not so much that I learned but I better understood, how some of the situations from the past could've been handled better if BOTH parties were to comprehend the assignment at hand.

ParentSeptember 2021

Learned about healing, how to coparent better, to see it from my child perspective, mediation is very helpful.

ParentSeptember 2021

Lots of helpful usable advice, presented in a clear and to the point manner. I was aware of a lot of the topics; however, it was nice to get a reminder and have this information in the forefront of my mind.

ParentDecember 2021

The seminar helped me to understand different perspectives and alternative ideas and prepare mentally ahead of time for the issues that will come up. Accepting that I am not in control but can control me.

ParentJanuary 2022

How to Attend a Seminar

Attend Online

$49 / One time

  Watch our on-demand video course for separating parents from the comfort of your own home when it’s convenient for you.

The seminar is broken down into 4 modules that can be completed within 3 to 5 hours. This specialized curriculum was developed by a licensed therapist and trained mediator. The online course includes instructional time, and quizzes to keep you engaged, so that you are equipped with how to successfully navigate the separation process.  

A certificate is available for immediate download after you complete the course and survey. You have 30 days to complete

Get Instant Access
Attend In-Person

$49 / One time

Our 3-hour in-person seminars are led by a certified parent educator. The seminar includes instructional time, live Q&A, as well as your certificate of completion to ensure you are equipped with how to successfully navigate the separation process. 

Family Solutions’ Office. 

Office Address: 8440 W. Lake Mead Blvd., Suite 214

Note: Limited Seating. Seminar is for adults only, childcare not provided

Attend In-person

Do This For Your Children

  • Children of divorced parents are 50% more likely to develop health problems than children in 2 parent families. 
  • Children from divorced homes have more psychological problems than children who come from households when one parent dies. 
  • Teenagers in single-parent families and in blended families are 3X more likely to need psychological help within a given year. 
  • Divorce can impact a child’s academic achievement 
  • Psychological effects and emotional strain of divorce can linger into adulthood. 

Unfortunately, 50% of all the children born to married parents today will experience the divorce of their parents before they are 18 years old. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to protect your children from the negative effects though.

If not managed properly, the separation process can have major long-term impacts on your children, such as:

As part of our seminars, we help you:

  • Talk to your children about separation and divorce. 
  • Communicate with your co-parent better than when you were married. 
  • Figure out how to let go and move on for you and your children. 
  • Co-parent successfully 
  • Establish two separate homes for your children. 

Meet the Parenting Partners Team

Our team is committed to supporting you through the separation process. With a combined 100+ years of experience, we have seen it all and are excited about the opportunity to support you thorough this process. 

Keisha Weiford

I am Keisha Weiford, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Professional Relationship Coach. I founded Family Solutions in 2003 with the goal of providing more support to families going through divorce.

I understand the conflict and pain divorce can bring to a family, because I’ve dealt with it personally. As a child of divorce, I was asked at age 9 by a mediator to choose who I wanted to live with. I chose my mother because I had a pink room with a frilly bed and cat. It was the comfortable, easy option. Unfortunately it affected my relationship with my father forever, and things were never quite the same.

As an adult, I wish things could’ve been different. I was not equipped to make that type of decision, and my choice changed the trajectory of my life. I subsequently was estranged from my father and my children didn’t get the opportunity to have a relationship with him. Being in the middle of my parents’ conflicts had a generational effect.

My goal is to make sure your family doesn’t have to go through the same negative impacts as mine. There is a way to establish a peaceful future, and Family Solutions is equipped to help.

Cynthia Rapazzini

Dr. Cynthia Rapazzini is an Educator with the Clark County School District since 2006. She has been a School Counselor at the Elementary, and Middle School Grade Levels. She is currently the Magnet Recruiting Counselor at a Stem Middle School. Academic success is very important, as well as helping students with mental and emotional concerns. Dr. Rapazzini teaches students appropriate coping strategies through classroom lessons, group guidance lessons, or individually. As an advocate for students, Dr. Rapazzini meets with parents as needed.
Dr. Rapazzini has been a Co-Parent Educator with Family Solutions since 2013. Most of the concerns that children have are directly related to divorce or separation of their parents. Dr. Rapazzini is able to share real situations from working with Las Vegas families. Seminar attendees have similar situations and find the information helpful.

Dr. Monique Martinez-Quiros

Dr. Monique is a doctorate level, dually licensed behavioral health professional with a specialty in integrated behavioral health encouraging and guiding others to make healthy behavioral changes.She has expertise in guiding all types of clients to make the changes they need in order to be the best version of themselves by creating a personalized plan in order to sustain healthy lifestyle changes through appropriate nutrition and psychological wellbeing via traditional counseling and virtual reality. She works primarily with adult individual clients, high conflict couples, and children as young as four years old. She has experience providing parent education (e.g. co-parenting techniques, techniques for the strong-willed child/ren), successfully therapeutically guiding parents through the high conflict waters of divorce and/or child custody cases, as well as reunification for these matters.


My first introduction to co-parenting was as a seminar participant over 20 years ago. Since that time I have worked to co-parent my three children and for the last 12 years support my wife to co-parent my three stepchildren. As an educator with over 30 years experience in Elementary and Middle schools I have worked with parents and children dealing with all aspects of parenting from two homes. I have worked with Family Solutions for over 15 years to help support parents going through changes impacting their family.

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