Ongoing Support for Separated Parents

Our ongoing support membership helps co-parents after separation so you and your kids can thrive personally.

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Navigating Co-Parenting After Separation Can Be Hard

While your separation might be finalized, the challenges for you personally and your children are not. Whether you’re dealing with personal challenges (sadness, anger, identity issues, etc.) or challenges with your children (their sadness, anger, adjusting to the new circumstances, etc.), successfully navigating your new co-parenting life is not easy. 

After working with separated parents for over 20 years, we understand that parents need support beyond their separation to heal themselves, successfully parent, and have a productive relationship with their co-parent. Our ongoing support program is designed specifically for the needs of the parents and children after separation. 

How Our Ongoing Support Membership Works

Our ongoing support program consists of 4 key components designed to provide both short and long-term support for parents and their children. Parents that participate in our ongoing support program can expect to feel whole again, parent confidently, and experience conflict free co-parenting.

1. Online Resources

While you may have attended one of our seminars, we understand that ongoing access to important information about navigating co-parenting process is important. You will have on-demand access to learning videos and materials to ensure you are educated in best practices

2. Community Access

Learning from other parents going through the same process is critical to getting the ongoing support you need. Our “Separated Parents Community” provides a centralized place to meet, ask questions and support and encourage each other. 

3. Group Sessions

Our twice a month virtual group sessions are designed to answer any questions you might have but also learn new tips from both internal and external experts in the industry. 

4. Private Sessions

We understand that working through certain challenges is best done in a private 1-on-1 session. That is why select tiers of our program include additional private sessions for you, your co-parent, and/or children to provide you with the help you need. These are offered both virtually or in-person. 

What Parents Are Saying About Our Program 

I learned that divorce is a period of adjustment; regaining & healing and becoming whole as a new person.

ParentJanuary 2022

I need to have a better attitude and don’t let little things get in the way of being happy.

ParentApril 2021

I need to be more open about loss. And help my child know its ok and we will be fine.

ParentApril 2021

Learned about healing, how to coparent better, to see it from my child perspective, mediation is very helpful.

ParentSeptember 2021

After my session with Ms. Keisha, I felt relieved, and also felt I had direction on the next steps I should be taking to fix the challenges I am facing. Her insights helped me think 'out of the box', things that I had never thought of before, and her expert advice was on point. Thank you, and I am feeling lucky!

ParentOctober 2021

Parenting Partners’ Ongoing Support Membership

Ongoing Support Membership

$ 39

Mo or $348 / Year
  • Parenting Partners mandatory course for separating parents with Certificate of Completion taught by a co-parenting and relationship expert
  • 100+ page workbook
  • Parenting Partners Private Facebook Community Access. Support for never married parents, long distance parents, special needs children, and parenting after domestic violence.
  • Parenting Partners Group Q&A Sessions (Monthly). Regular, live access to our founder, Keisha, perfect for getting support for all your individual, parenting and family needs, while also learning from other parents.
  • Parenting Partners Group Training Session (Monthly) (Internal & External Speakers). Monthly live events featuring other experts from a variety of disciplines as well as deep dives into self-healing and co-parenting
  • Parenting Partners Relationship Resource Kit. Immediate access to resource library full of research based tips and information.
  • Cancel at any time
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It’s Not Easy, But Do This for Yourself

Most of the focus is on our children and how they will be after a separation. But you need to take care of yourself too because the common effects on parents are: decreased level of happiness, change in economic status, and emotional problems. In addition, they can have emotional and phycological effects such as guilt, anxiety, depression, and more.  

You need to know that it doesn’t have to be this way. You can be separated, live in a co-parenting environment, AND become better than before. Our Ongoing Support Program is designed for this and will help you: 

Become a better version of yourself 

Advance your career 

Expand your circle 

Excited about the future 

Deepen relationship with your children